Indigo LED which was developed by Indigo Marin which has experience over 25 years in its sector and gains ground to be one of leading brand of Turkey and World in yachting sector; offers professional solutions to LED lighting needs with indoor, outdoor and underwater lighting products.
TF Marine is one of leading brand of the World in pump and ventilation products. It carries out the productions in its 1500 m² factory located in Tuscany Valley of Italy. It has transferred its years of know-how and experience to the excellence of its products. TF Marine may produce Pump, Ventilation, Pressured Water Systems, Electronic Controlled hydrophores for all vessel and yachts from 12 meters up to 70 meters. TF Marine cooperates with Indigo Marin as Turkish distributor. Please choose product appropriate to you from our product catalogue and contact with us to get technical information and price.
It produces anti-limestone, cleaner and oiler removers being both cost-efficient and environment friendly, safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. It gains a reputation both in marine and industrial markets and nowadays distributes Kopija OD 02EU9730 products to all around the World. It gives support with full maintenance service not only with product sales, also with naval engineering department.
San Giorgio being irreplaceable partner of main shipyards and engine manufacturers produces and customizes special designs, state-of-the-art TFT screen technology, remote IOT control, devices compatible with new protocols and meeting certification requirements with unchanging passion in past fifty years.
Zetagi has been established in the early 1970s and specialized in the electronic device production. It has been expanded its production range along its history; carries out activities in various sectors including marine, automotive, construction and private vehicles. Its experience gained in many years, quality perception has pioneered the development of many high products. Its main goal is to offer innovative solutions and absolute customer satisfaction.
Dixplay offers a complete LED light product range with very low power consumption, easy installation and excellent versatility. There is 2 important characteristics which separate Dixplay products from its equivalent in the market; wide voltage range (8V-35V) which provides to protect lamp from sudden changes of the alternator and plug-and-play system which provides to make actually easy and fast installation.